Ivan Andreev
Co-founder & CEO (EU) at PsyTech VR

PsyTech VR
Mental Health VR system

  • For Self-guided training
    Service for those who want to use VR training to overcome phobias and anxieties individually. Train with our system in the comfort of your home. VR Consultations with Drs are also available
  • For Mental Health Specialist
    System for consultations, managed by psychologists, when a specialist conducts preliminary screening, then watches patient going through a VR experience in real-time on the platform
  • For Medical Centers
    Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for clinics to help doctors overcome the mental health disorders of patients. Doctors will have access to advanced biofeedback in real time
  • For Educational Institutions
    For Universities, Colleges, and Schools: Integrate PsyTech VR into education and care of learners' Mental Wellness with the training of anxieties, phobias, stress, and soft-skill
  • For Enterprise & HR

    For HR Department remote Wellness Programs - VR therapy system for employee well-being. Bring options that incentivize employees to be mentally healthy!