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Every environment can be used with VR exposure therapy (CBT) or Virtual Reality desensitization (EMDR)

We follow the recommendations of the WHO in using CBT and EMDR to reduce vivid, unwanted, repeated recollections of traumatic events

Post-traumatic stress disorder: 45+ separate VR levels

Experience VR therapy like never before with unique environments that take realism to a whole new level

80+ levels of anxiety disorders built with the exposure hierarchy

PsyTech VR has the most extended, realistic and immersive virtual reality library on the market

Scenarios aim to simulate real-life situations that individuals with OCD encounter

Manage symptoms by practicing and building skills through engaging VR training

Learn how to control anger with real-life VR scenarios

Effective and immersive simulations created by REBT speciatlists

After the successful launch in 2022, we will expand the lineup of services

Marketplace, bio-sensors & 200 levels of CBT/EMDR coming in 2023
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Psytech VR enters first PsychologY centeR

By Nikolas Andreev, Chief Marketing Officer at PsyTech VR
August 01, 2022



Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on a mental model, which means that the focus is not on the subconscious but on the patient's consciousness, thoughts, and fantasies, which, unlike subconscious images, can be controlled.

The work of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck formed the basis of modern cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. The Aaron Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is currently active in the United States in educational, therapeutic, and scientific activities, led by his daughter, Judith Beck (Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, www.beckinstitute.org). His colleagues and students are developing the legacy of Albert Ellis at the Albert Ellis Institute (www.rebt.org).
Smiling is an essential factor, it reduces stress
Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is the only direction of psychotherapy to date that has confirmed its high effectiveness in clinical trials and has a fundamental scientific basis.



The Association for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy (ACBP) brings together professionals in the field of mental health: psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, as well as doctors of other specialties, intending to integrate digital technologies into the therapy process.
We are glad to welcome the ACBP as the professional community among the first business customers of our project. Together we will be able not only to give people effective virtual therapy methods but also to develop advanced technologies thanks to the expertise of association specialists who will use the product in treating fears and phobias and supervise the product.
Today you can visit the association and consult with the specialists using a VR therapy system operating with the following phobias:
  • Aerophobia (fear of flying)
  • Acrophobia (fear of heights)
  • Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
  • Glossophobia (fear of the stage and public speaking)
  • Claustrophobia (fear of closed spaces)
  • Nyctophobia (fear of the dark)
and 10 more phobias coming in September
Specialists will hold consultations in the virtual reality format, give the necessary recommendations on overcoming fears and phobias, and keep training statistics so that you can see the training progress during the next session.
Phobias in virtual reality are not the only content in PsyTech VR. You can use our app with specialists of association, and they will help you learn how to apply relaxation practices - mindfulness meditations in VR - to help you relieve stress and keep a positive state of mind after encountering objects of fear in virtual training. It is also proposed to try virtual art therapy to relax - switch thoughts and adjust to positive thinking instantly!

Specialists of the Association for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy are waiting for you!
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Nikolas Andreev
CMO at PsyTech VR

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