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Blog - VRET

Forget about Acrophobia with VR

By Daniel Andreev, Chief Product Officer at PsyTech VR
June 05, 2022

Fear of height

Fear of height

Hello everyone, today our team will introduce you to one of the ten most common phobias in the world - acrophobia.

Acrophobia is a mental health condition in which the individual experiences an intense fear of heights.

Most often, acrophobia occurs in children who have experienced severe stress due to an unsuccessful fall from a height. Negative experience is firmly fixed in the subconscious, causing further insurmountable fear even in situations where there are no serious reasons for panic.
According to statistics, approximately 6% of the inhabitants of the earth have acrophobia.
People who experience phobia are triggered by various circumstances which can be faced in everyday life, and we must cope with the fears in the right way. There is no need to panic, you can overcome every phobia with therapy!

As we have already discovered in the previous posts, that can be cured with mental imagery while using your imagination to visualize a real-life situation of height, also that can be trained using real-life therapy – stand on the ledge of the skyscraper and you’ll feel better in a minute!
Let’s be honest, these methods have big disadvantages and do not seem like a real solution for those who believe to cope with the phobia themselves. Using your imagination to visualize skyscrapers, rooftops or even canyons is a challenging task, as sometimes we can’t even visualize someone's face that we met a few days ago. Also, you won’t be fully immersed in the situation of fear while sitting on the chair and trying to push yourself into a situation where you haven’t ever been.

Real-life therapy is the opposite of Mental Imagery, as it is dangerous enough for life - without special preparations, you can have a heart attack, blood pressure, and anything you wouldn’t expect!
The world needs a solution, which is easy to use, safe enough, effective, and innovative, that will allow using the power of digital technologies to bring a deep immersion!

The solution to helping millions

The PsyTech VR team has developed a unique safe acrophobia training to help people eliminate their phobias. We create a modern approach to the existing problem by introducing self-guiding VR phobia training, which can be trained individually!

Discover education courses on our platform which were designed and written by Chief Science Officer of PsyTech VR – Inna Maltzeva, and our team of experienced therapists with many years of effective phobia therapy. You can rely on our expertise!

Learn on the platform - understand the nature of height fear, try methods of relaxation in stressful situations, and go through the courses on exact fear on the program! Practice immediately in VR using the Meta Quest headset in the comfort of your home. Use 15 minutes for learning, and 5 to 20 minutes for training per day, and you will start living your new life to its full potential where airplanes, balloon flights or even panoramic views will become a part of everyday life.
Mark our words, you will enjoy the virtual phobia training as it has real immersion in fear, creative scenarios and what is the most important – VRET effectiveness proven by scientific society since the end of the 20th century.

Our VR app has various scenarios (levels) for every type of phobia in the program. Those who decide to join acrophobia will be able to go through the following virtual scene each representing fear of height:
  • balcony in apartment
  • escalators in a shopping mall
  • skyscraper restaurant with a view over the city
  • bridge over the two sides of a canyon
Starting fROM JULY, you can practice ACROPhobia and other fears in our VR app, a unique immersive VR experience awaits you.

Train with us and discover the world from a different angle!
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Daniil Andreev
CPO at PsyTech VR

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