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Every environment can be used with VR exposure therapy (CBT) or Virtual Reality desensitization (EMDR)

We follow the recommendations of the WHO in using CBT and EMDR to reduce vivid, unwanted, repeated recollections of traumatic events

Post-traumatic stress disorder: 45+ separate VR levels

Experience VR therapy like never before with unique environments that take realism to a whole new level

80+ levels of anxiety disorders built with the exposure hierarchy

PsyTech VR has the most extended, realistic and immersive virtual reality library on the market

Scenarios aim to simulate real-life situations that individuals with OCD encounter

Manage symptoms by practicing and building skills through engaging VR training

Learn how to control anger with real-life VR scenarios

Effective and immersive simulations created by REBT speciatlists

After the successful launch in 2022, we will expand the lineup of services

Marketplace, bio-sensors & 200 levels of CBT/EMDR coming in 2023

Forget about anxieties and improve mental health

Taking care of the mental health of you and your loved ones is in your hands #SelfCareIsn'tSelfish

Forget about anxieties and improve mental health

Taking care of the mental health of you and your loved ones is in your hands #SelfCareIsn'tSelfish

Patent pending
About PsyTech VR
PsyTechVR is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in developing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for mental health therapy, research, and training. The company was founded in 2020 by a team of psychology, neuroscience, and technology experts to revolutionize mental health treatment by creating immersive and engaging therapeutic experiences. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Frederick, MD
Flagship product
PsyTechVR's flagship product is a VR platform called "MindGap VR" which provides clinicians and researchers with a powerful tool for delivering evidence-based therapies in a safe, controlled, and interactive environment. MindGap VR offers a wide range of VR-based interventions for anxiety disorders, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health conditions. The platform also provides valuable data analytics and user insights that can be used to track progress, customize treatment plans, and optimize therapeutic outcomes
In addition to its therapeutic applications, PsyTechVR's technology is also used in mental health research, allowing researchers to conduct studies in a more controlled and immersive environment. The company has also developed training modules for mental health professionals, enabling them to acquire new skills and techniques through realistic simulations
Mental Health and VR
PsyTechVR is committed to advancing the field of mental health treatment through the use of innovative technology. The company is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, and has a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and design

Meet the team

We daily shed light into mental darkness
to improve people's lives
and mental health
30+ years in software development, tech founder, passionate about the technology
Ioan Andreev
COO & Co-Founder
20 years experience in managerial with an MBA in strategic management
Launched two VR startups: EdTech VR lab in the university and cybersport VR lab
Chief Science Officer, CBT therapist with 15+ years of counselling experience
12 years of experience in software development, led projects of various sizes and stacks
Developers and 3D artists
We have an in-house team of skilled technical professionals
Team of psychologists & psychotherapists
We improve PsyTech VR with their feedback every day

Our Advisory board

Pioneering Minds Shaping the Future
Providing counselling services for over 40 years, using virtual reality (VR) technology with clients since 2010. Awarded by Kaiser Permanente as "Outstanding Innovator"
Evangelist of VR exposure therapy in Italy and member of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. Expert in the field of Neocortex and tDCS)
CBT/ERP/ACT expert, OCD Central and South Florida Board Member, ABCT committee member, Florida and New York based
EMDR Europe Approved Consultant, BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist and Supervisor, 15 years in NHS and practice. Depression and anxiety disorder expert
PhD in science education and educational measurement. Professor of the Department of Special Education, Foundations, and Research Methods. STEM tech learning expert
VR and Cyberpsychology expert, Technical Co-ordinator for the School of Psychology (University of Bedfordshire, UK)
Clients and collaborators
These experts provide feedback while using PsyTech VR. We build it together
Media about VR
and mental health
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