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After the successful launch in 2022, we will expand the lineup of services

Marketplace, bio-sensors & 200 levels of CBT content coming in 2023

Forget about anxieties and improve mental health

Taking care of the mental health of you and your loved ones is in your hands #SelfCareIsn'tSelfish

Forget about anxieties and improve mental health

Taking care of the mental health of you and your loved ones is in your hands #SelfCareIsn'tSelfish

Patent pending
Join us with Meta Quest
We are LIVE in the store and FREE
Overcome phobias and anxieties with PsyTech VR now

Our approach

PsyTech VR combines the expertise of a team of highly trained professionals who have come together to make people forget their anxieties
and fears once and for all

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure the mental health of the Earth's population through the introduction of innovative VR technologies in the process of treating anxieties and phobias
Many years of experience in the treatment of fears, phobias and anxieties has made it possible to recreate effective training methods that have been confirmed by the scientific community
“Coreachieve” (top LMS solution) unleashed the full technical potential to create a simple and convenient communication platform
Virtual Reality
Scenario approach and technical expertise give users a real sense and immersive experience while doing therapy in Virtual Reality

Meet the team

We daily shed the light into mental darkness
in order to improve people's lives
and mental health

Inna Maltzeva

Lead-psychologist (CBT), has 15+ years background in therapy and counselling
7 more specialists
team of professionals that are passionate about the product
& mental health specialists (our customers)
because we improve PsyTech VR with their feedback every day
Partners and clients
These experts provide feedback while using PsyTech VR. We build it together
What people say about us
JulioVRerrario (10/21/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Realism. That is the point! Nowadays big projects, that create content for standalone VR devices, are in lack 3D that looks like in real life. But technically these guys made something to bring so much realistic content :) Learn IT to rule the industry! I like your app and the idea to help the world! Cheers
BO'OH'O'WO'ER (10/19/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
I love psytec vr ! I was always addicted to washing my hands with sanitizer. It became a sort of ritual for me to keep my hands clean and stay calm mentally. Honestly, I get bored with it. But here, I've found some exciting levels like flying bacteria, dirty tunnels, and garbage in restaurant where rats and cockroaches are everywhere! Cool. I started feeling more confident about all this shit. Is this a kind of self-therapy? Yes. Highly recommend.

P.s. Going to let you know in a few weeks if I stop washing my hands 1421512 times a day.
Daria (10/07/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
I would like to share my experience with PsyTech app. I have a strong acrophobia, which has influenced my life a lot. This tool has really helped me to cope with this mental problem. I’ve tested it several times so far, but I already feel better, my fear seems to start fading away. I am practicing MD, and have studied medical psychology and psychiatry. My knowledges, both personal and professional experience give me an opportunity to make the following conclusion: this app is one of the best products available at the market to cope with phobias!
Luke Crosby (10/03/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Hello everyone,
I've got experience in joining the PsyTech VR beta test. My experience was stunning, and I am glad that such a system started existing. I've seen a few systems, but non of them were user-friendly for home therapy with Meta Quest. They are also complicated as a professional system – not a cartoon game about fears, but a powerful instrument with realistic 3d graphics.
The Psytech VR team is doing amazing work, launching new levels of phobias each two weeks with immersive graphics, ambient audio, and scenarios. But it is not only about VR when we measure the project's value to the mental health industry; these guys also create a learning platform with courses and a dashboard with training statistics.
Learning management system, or how they call it LMS, is a beautiful solution – well designed, beautifully operating, and it looks like a part of a professional system, like not an indie VR game made created by junior developers.
The dashboard is something I haven't ever seen in pair with VR. Just imagine you can get a document of your VR workout progress and share it with a psychologist. Moreover, I've seen the possibility of searching for mental health specialists.
  1. It is the first professional therapy system that allows self-guiding
  2. Get the app and check your anxieties level; you will be surprised that sometimes we don't know some facts about ourselves
  3. Enjoy 3D graphics and scenarios. Take a pause from Beat Saber or Pavlov, and have a home therapy session
Thank you guys from PsyTech VR - https://psytechvr.com https://sidequestvr.com/app/10338/psytech-vr

Nancy - MH specialist (09/20/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
  1. I appreciate PsyTech VR for granting access to the service and offering a free-trial plan. Digital therapy services, especially with the oculus headset, are something new for me, and that's why I was scared a bit to start using it in my practice. Danial helped me on all my user's journey, supporting me with any type of issue.
  2. The virtual exposition looks fantastic. As Danial mentioned, they have mental health specialists on their team, and that's why the product is a professional digital therapy instrument. Highly recommend both psychologists and psychotherapists. Peace and health
John Deer (09/12/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
I am a mental health specialist, working with various phobias and "insectophobia". I found PsyTechVR in the recommendations this weekend on SideQuest. Having entered the app with my login and password, I immediately stumbled upon the fear of flies, cockroaches, and spiders. 3D graphics look very realistic - hundreds of cockroaches, spiders, and other insects were crawling on the walls, floor, etc...The noise from the flies was so disgusting... From the point of specialist view, I consider that the app has immersion, and the virtual exposure looks realistic; that's why facing those fears would be helpful. I am most impressed by the system of delivering information - learn, train, and repeat. Try it out
Kirill (09/05/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
I got acquainted with PsyTech, because I wanted to test a solution related to phobias using our technology, which allows us to work with the user's physiologists in virtual reality. First, PsyTech is not a virtual reality app. This is a complete platform: a high-quality virtual reality environment and a cool implemented LMS system on the web. Secondly, I rarely see VR solutions to phobias where exposure therapy is used. Here it is at the core. Thirdly, the story with a phobia is a complex work on oneself, which is implemented here, including breathing practices, mindfulness, relaxation. It can be seen that not only professional developers, but also professional psychologists are working on the solution. You are a cool team with a cool and necessary product for those who are in need.
lexxone (09/05/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
something new!
Antonio M (09/06/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Mi è piaciuta molto la grafica realistica, ad esempio ho superato il livello con la risonanza magnetica, in cui la grafica era super realistica. Lo so per certo, perché ho avuto più volte la risonanza magnetica. BRAVO!!!!
Ivaylo Ivanov (09/06/22)
Check this review on LinkedIn
Just had the opportunity to test that very promising VR apk for phobia therapy. I specially recommend it if you are one of the 15% on the planet who has problems with arachnophobia. That part with the aerophobia also looks very promising.
Thanks for the opportunity to test it...
TroXxie (09/05/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Very good to see such a good job with VR. 2 Years ago I had claustrophobia and practised a lot of therapy mathots, but came to the conclusion that VR is best tool for me. I started my course with PsyTech VR and it really helps- my symphtoms gone and now i use elevator easily
Skinerik (08/29/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
My phobia is a fear of heights. The scenes with crossing a bridge and being on top of a skyscraper gave me an unforgettable experience.

Dinosaurio (08/27/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
I would never have thought that virtual reality could be not only an entertainment product. Yesterday I accidentally stumbled upon the psytehvr program; I decided to try to train my fear of public speaking. After social distancing, I could not start giving public presentations in the office for several months ... Zoom, skype... it seems like we began to lose social skills while sitting in front of the computer. I was so surprised when I saw a realistic environment of these phobia levels. Starting my training, I completely immersed myself in the atmosphere of my fear (office meeting) and tried to pass the training. I'm still far from excellent public speaking skills, but it takes practice. Still, I want to appreciate the psytechvr team for creating an accessible and professional e-place in the metaverse to train my anxiety!
Julia (08/27/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Thanks to the guys at Psytech for helping me overcome my biggest fear - heights. The skyscraper scene helped me step by step to overcome my fear of heights. The picture is excellent, the immersion is perfect, during first therapy my skin was covered with goosebumps, but the more I practiced, the easier my perception of height became. This is a very cool app, I wish the team great success, you are doing incredible things!
Sergio (08/26/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Amazing discovery!
I have been struggling with a phobia of darkness, I have tried many different methods, but when it comes to practice, nothing helps. This phobia has had a profound effect on my life. I had been looking for a solution to my problem for a long time, and suddenly, my wife saw PsyTechVR. We decided to try their training together. The result did not require a long wait; at first, it was scary to train, but from the third session, I gradually began to get used to the darkness. I know that I have a long way of training ahead of me, but I already see a small result! I look forward to the appearance of new levels since I have already coped with four basic ones🚀
Gamers_live_only_once (08/25/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Grea job guys. Training system is fresh af. I haven’t paid for the subscription yet (due to beta test), but the fact you get access to platform and VR app is cool. I am pretty much confident in this technology approach
I would suggest several improvements:
  • “remember me” button to save login data
  • check fear of public speaking — there are bugs of characters animation
Ajit Padmanabh (08/24/22)
Check this review on LinkedIn
Congratulations Daniel and team! This, I am sure, has the sweat energies of many! I look forward to the mail and very excited at the prospects of this wonderful product PsyTech VR | VR phobia therapy system 🚀 thank you for the opportunity 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Naiv (08/19/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
The result of the Psytech app exceeded my expectations!
The main advantage is that I can get rid of acrophobia - fear of heights. The picture looks very realistic, at some point I forgot that this is just an application! There are several modes - from a lite level to an advanced (for those who are already on the way to get rid of their fear forever;)). Convenient menu and settings.
This is a unique application that helps a person cope with his fears. I am absolutely sure that this project will reach the top charts and will be a success all over the world!
Wrestler (08/18/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
It's an impressive experience to face the fear of spiders in virtual reality and try to overcome it. Later it turned out to be a lot of fun - hold the spider with your hands, turn it around, look at it
Gabriel V. (08/16/22)
Check this review in SideQuest store
Daniel from psytech vr team contacted me a few months ago on LinkedIn to test the phobia app. And that was my first positive approval of someone's request to join the alpha version of the product.
First of all, psytech is the first virtual experience of phobia therapy. Everyone heard about this stuff on TikTok, like viral videos of people falling in VR headsets from the virtual height. But the thing is that psytech app is a professional instrument for quest headset, where you can get together either by yourself or with your relatives, and friends and test someone's phobia with pretty realistic graphics
Moreover, psytec is not only a VR app but a platform with learning paths and dashboard (statistics of training). That sounds like a startup with a great ecosystem!
In this version of app, you won't find crazy dynamics like in horror movies. But the listed phobias in the application face the user with realistic copies of situations from real life. Also, be ready for some bugs. It's early access :D
I am looking for new updates!
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