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Every environment can be used with VR exposure therapy (CBT) or Virtual Reality desensitization (EMDR)

We follow the recommendations of the WHO in using CBT and EMDR to reduce vivid, unwanted, repeated recollections of traumatic events

Post-traumatic stress disorder: 45+ separate VR levels

Experience VR therapy like never before with unique environments that take realism to a whole new level

80+ levels of anxiety disorders built with the exposure hierarchy

PsyTech VR has the most extended, realistic and immersive virtual reality library on the market

Scenarios aim to simulate real-life situations that individuals with OCD encounter

Manage symptoms by practicing and building skills through engaging VR training

Learn how to control anger with real-life VR scenarios

Effective and immersive simulations created by REBT speciatlists

After the successful launch in 2022, we will expand the lineup of services

Marketplace, bio-sensors & 200 levels of CBT/EMDR coming in 2023

Discover real testimonials

Learn more about the feedback from professionals who are using PsyTech VR in their practices

Discover real testimonials

Learn more about the feedback from professionals who are using PsyTech VR in their practices

Patent pending

Sherrie Holmes

Clinical psychologist (CBT)

Private Practice - Sherrie Holmes Counseling

Owner of Women's world metaverse

If you're looking to enhance your therapy approach, don't hesitate to embrace VR with PsyTech. I see this tool revolutionizing mental health and wellbeing. Clients are able to work along side their provider utilizing immersive experiences to gain control over their lives faster. It specifically helps those suffering from anxiety, phobias, PTSD, and anger; while seemsly working through levels and having the ability to retrieve to safe spaces. I also like that patients can use this as a self guidance tool for homework. I've experienced anxiety driving in the mountains, and it's been a game changer using the amaxophobia. I now feel more relaxed as evident by the reported stress indicator. Now I’m less anxious thinking about my trip to Colorado Springs to visit my daughter. I wholeheartedly recommend PsyTech VR to anyone in the field, or those looking to increase their wellbeing.

James Husband
Clinical psychologist (CBT/EMDR)
Practitioner at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust
Owner of "Psychology on Demand" YouTube
The most exciting things that I’ve seen… During trauma therapy, we often use a technique called the Safe Place. When revisiting a childhood event, this can be incredibly destabilizing, particularly if the individual did not have a sense of safety or security at the time. Our aim is to create a safe mental space for the individual. However, some people struggle to imagine such a place on their own. In these cases, PsyTech's AI-powered Safe Place can be an excellent resource.
James Husband released two videos on September 27, 2023, offering unbiased reviews that he personally initiated. As a passionate VR technology enthusiast, James explores their applications in psychology and psychotherapy, particularly in regards to CBT and EMDR interventions for exposure therapy. It's worth noting that these reviews are entirely unsponsored.

James wrote:
Following my interview with Daniel Andreev, I explore the virtual world created by PsychtechVR. I explore relaxation techniques, such as mindfulness, safe place and breathing. I also look into treatment options for phobias in VR…. This company is trying to push technology in helping people with mental health…
PsyTech VR - AI and VR in Mental Health Treatment
By Psychology on Demand YouTube Channel

Dr. Gwilym Roddick

Psychotherapist (DSW, LCSW)

Founder of CBT of Central and South Florida

I was an early adopter of VR PTSD training in the US since the early 2000s. However, in 2023, when I discovered PsyTech VR, I realized that it is the most advanced system available for Mental Health specialists. This system offers an extensive VR library and VR biofeedback device that can greatly benefit those in need of mental health treatment.
Berta Kungyte
Co-owner of Private Practice - Mer Bevisst
Imagine being able to use technology as a helping tool in making peoples life better and more balanced. I can do that. PsyTechVR has given me the possibility to provide for my patients a stepping stone between what happens behind closed doors in a therapy session and what a individual faces out there in the real world. By using virtual reality to treat phobias and anxiety, I can make sure to provide a more modern solution, in many cases a more effective one, for the patients that still have full potential to get better and live less anxiously. At the end of the day, that’s all I can ask for.
Dr. Gianni Serra
Clinical and digital psychologist (CBT), psychotherapist
Owner of Private Practice - Dott. Gianni Serra
I can finally sew to measure, as a tailor would, a therapeutic intervention on my patients. The Psytech VR offer is so wide that I find exactly what I need to work with the client. The exhibition scenarios are so realistic that the sense of presence, a phenomenon which in Virtual Reality leads us to respond realistically to surrounding stimuli, guarantees an emotional activation in the customer similar to that which would occur with an in vivo exposure. With PsytechVR it is finally possible to overcome all the limits present in imaginative and in vivo exposure. I use PsytechVR scenarios even in the absence of a real phobia, in fact, thanks to the emotional activation that can be experienced, it is possible to do interoceptive exposure to teach clients to face and stay with emotions. The exposure is found to be under the complete control of the therapist, who can generate stimuli of different intensity depending on the client's needs. Exposure with Psytech VR applications complements a broader therapeutic intervention based on the new frontiers of inhibitory learning, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy. Psytech Vr is also very close to the needs of its customers, always ready to accept suggestions to improve and create increasingly high-performance scenarios. After trying and experimenting with the applications of many companies, I can finally say that I have found the company I dreamed of for my work and my customers think exactly like me!

Dr. Tomáš Havelka
Psychotherapist, psychiatrist
Psychiatrická nemocnice Havlíčkův Brod
PsyTech is a valuable tool to our ward. It's efficient and amusing. It helps us through the wide scale of therapeutic problems and psychiatric diseases such as OCD, eating disorders, anxiety and fobic disorders. It also offers great relaxation techniques.
We greatly appreciate the quick and efficient communication, the personal approach and the willingness to fulfill all our requests.

Dr. Jana Maresova

We discovered PsyTech VR due to their usage of the Meta Quest 2 to power their software, specifically designed for patient utilization. The program boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, and we extend our sincere appreciation to the team for localizing the system in Czech. We like psytech VR exposure therapy!
James Wick
Through the use of PsyTech VR I am able to share experiences with clients that I wouldn’t normally have in my office. Being able to have a client put on the headset and be exposed to their fears and phobias in the safety of my office is a powerful experience. PsyTech VR’s diverse library of experiences is an engaging way to interact with clients. It is one thing to have clients talk about their fears and phobias but to allow them to experience them is next level therapy. PsyTech’s platform is easy to navigate and being able to use my own Meta Quest headset was convenient and familiar allowing me to easily integrate VR into my practice. I believe this technology has the potential to be a game changer in the field of mental health.

Dr. Sibilla Terei

Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist (CBT)
Owner of Private Practice - Dott. Sibilla Terrei
The use of VR in psychotherapy manages to involve the patient even more. Often when the fear is exposed, the patient procrastinates, avoiding the exposure in real life or the situations do not occur. With VR, however, the patient exposes himself in the studio together with his therapist, also improving compliance.
Congratulations to this company that supported me in everything and thanks for creating this program also in Italian! special thanks to my tutor colleague Daniel
Dr. Eva Matuchova
As a CBT-trained psychotherapist, I can use PsyTech VR in exposure therapy to enhance immersion. The company has highly realistic levels which my colleagues and I appreciate!
Our clients and collaborators
These experts provide feedback while using PsyTech VR. We build it together

Our Advisory board

Our board members collectively hold 127 years of experience and MD/PhD degrees.
Providing counselling services for over 40 years, using virtual reality (VR) technology with clients since 2010. Awarded by Kaiser Permanente as "Outstanding Innovator"
Evangelist of VR exposure therapy in Italy and member of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. Expert in the field of Neocortex and tDCS)
CBT/ERP/ACT expert, OCD Central and South Florida Board Member, ABCT committee member, Florida and New York based
EMDR Europe Approved Consultant, BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist and Supervisor, 15 years in NHS and practice. Depression and anxiety disorder expert
PhD in science education and educational measurement. Professor of the Department of Special Education, Foundations, and Research Methods. STEM tech learning expert
VR and Cyberpsychology expert, Technical Co-ordinator for the School of Psychology (University of Bedfordshire, UK)

Who is this for?

Service for those who want to use VR training to overcome phobias and anxieties individually. Train with our system in the comfort of your home. VR Consultations with Drs are also available
System for consultations, managed by MH specialist, when a specialist conducts preliminary screening, then watches the patient going through a VR experience in real-time on the platform
Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for clinics to help doctors overcome the mental health disorders of patients. Doctors will have access to advanced biofeedback in real time
For Universities, Colleges, and Schools: Integrate PsyTech VR into PsychoEducation and care of learners' Mental Wellness with the training of anxieties, phobias, stress, and soft-skill

For HR Department remote Wellness Programs - VR training system for employee well-being. Bring options that incentivize employees to be mentally healthy!

Enjoy experience
PsyTech VR app is a professional tool that combines both a learning management system and micro training created by mental health specialists, inspired by people who successfully overcome phobias and anxieties in VR

PsyTech VR is GDPR Compliant and HIPAA Compliant


Subscription model

30-days free trial

then $120 / 1 mo

Unlimited access to the VR app

+ monthly updates of new VR content

Platform access:

Learning management system

Check-up questionnaires

Analytics of VR training

VR Biofeedback

VR broadcasting tool

Therapy Marketplace

Chat and notifications

24/7 Tech support

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