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Every environment can be used with VR exposure therapy (CBT) or Virtual Reality desensitization (EMDR)

We follow the recommendations of the WHO in using CBT and EMDR to reduce vivid, unwanted, repeated recollections of traumatic events

Post-traumatic stress disorder: 45+ separate VR levels

Experience VR therapy like never before with unique environments that take realism to a whole new level

80+ levels of anxiety disorders built with the exposure hierarchy

PsyTech VR has the most extended, realistic and immersive virtual reality library on the market

Scenarios aim to simulate real-life situations that individuals with OCD encounter

Manage symptoms by practicing and building skills through engaging VR training

Learn how to control anger with real-life VR scenarios

Effective and immersive simulations created by REBT speciatlists

After the successful launch in 2022, we will expand the lineup of services

Marketplace, bio-sensors & 200 levels of CBT/EMDR coming in 2023
Blog - Wellness

Enhance ROI via Employee Mental Wellness with CBT-based VR Training

By Peter Oykhman, Chief Executive Officer at PsyTech VR
February 03, 2023

How do investments in your employee’s mental wellness affect your organization’s ROI, and how could PsyTech VR help?

Investing in the employee’s mental wellness program is not just a matter of doing right by your people; it also translates to more overall success, according to the latest research. It is especially becoming important in the post-COVID economy. Companies that prioritize their workers' mental well-being and happiness are rewarded with higher productivity, better customer service, and lower turnover, leading to improved profitability and bottom line.
Managers who need a modern, comprehensive working environment that underpins its individuals must proactively contribute and invest in mental wellbeing
Forward-thinking leaders who understand this dynamic work on creating positive work environments where employees can experience a safe workplace and capacity for professional growth. Investing in your employee’s mental health and wellness is a must for any business that wants to be successful. Employers now recognize workplace mental well-being as more than a desirable discretionary benefit, especially post-COVID. Traditionally this specific issue was very convoluted for employers and HR. What exactly company’s management is supposed to do, and how do that? Hundreds of companies offer some “mental wellness programs” now. We know that your HR department is probably bombarded with emails about mental wellness programs, but most of these programs are old and not helpful.

PsyTechVR offers 21st-century alternatives to traditional mental wellness programs. PsyTechVR is committed to empowering organizations worldwide by helping them unlock the power of Virtual Reality for mental insights right in your office. Using VR headsets from Oculus, Pico, or HTC in your routine or workspace and our application PsyTechVR gives you access to various guided meditations, art therapies, virtual traveling, and micro-training solutions that can help optimize productivity while enhancing workplace mental and physical wellness.
Last year's launch of PsyTechVR mental wellness Solution undoubtedly revolutionized Mental wellness in the workplace! All these features are provided as Azure cloud bases software as a service (SaaS) through PsyTechVR native app, available from anywhere. You could subscribe to this service as an organization and provide anonymous access to your employees; with our products and services, PsyTechVR closes the gap in workplace mental wellness through its latest revolutionary VR technology, allowing it to provide a virtual safe space for the modern stressful work environment.
PsyTechVR strives to revolutionize how companies approach workplace mental wellness—ultimately driving progress toward healthier work environments.
In our VR environment, your employees could relax and enjoy a guided meditation or creative art experience. We also provide various virtual traveling options, from Icelandic or Norwegian landscapes to Amazon rainforests or Cypress beach. If your employees have some fear or phobias, PsyTechVR provides self-guided micro-training or could connect you to a licensed professional.

With the launch of its "mental wellness solution," PsyTechVR introduced an innovative complete ecosystem to revolutionize workplace strategies for mental well-being and productivity. This sophisticated VR technology surpasses traditional human limitations by providing a uniquely safe environment in a virtual space at your desk.
PsyTechVR is a recognized pioneer in mental wellness enterprise solutions and CBT digital technologies. Psychiatrists currently use PsyTech VR solutions in their traditional CBT therapy.
The modern workplace is evolving, and PsyTechVR provides the technology to make well-being a strategic advantage. Leaders have an opportunity to design workplaces that prioritize employee health, leading toward better financial performance in both short and long-term objectives. With this insight, businesses can invest smarter for sustained success.
You can train in VR using self-guiding courses from the comfort of your home or office


with a specialist - the doctor will have access to your training in real-time and guide you through all the training!

Our VR content

We launch new therapy content every 2 weeks! Get free updates and feel the power of VRaaS
Intense fear of heights - acrophobia occurs in children who have experienced severe stress due to an unsuccessful fall from a height
Fear of flying can arise after a traumatic case, or modelling someone else's negative experience. People begin to avoid flying, limit themselves to road travel, etc.
Amaxophobia is a term used to describe the fear of riding in a car, a type of specific phobia. People with this phobia experience excessive and irrational fear and anxiety when in or around a car and may avoid driving or riding in a car altogether.
Spiders are perceived as poisonous predators that kill their prey. Arachnophobes not only avoid the place where insects can appear but also destroy them at the first sight
Approximately 3% of the world has a phobia of enclosed spaces. Parking garage, elevator, aircraft... Imagine how difficult it is to be under daily permanent stress
Cynophobia is a fear of dogs. People with this phobia experience excessive anxiety in their presence. This phobia can develop due to a traumatic experience with dogs, such as being bitten...
Glossophobia - public speaking fear - is widespread fear after the social distancing of the pandemic and is believed to affect ~77% of the population
Germophobia is the fear of BACTERIA, diseases, viruses, or parasites. START YOU NEW LIFE WITHOUT FEAR OF GERMS with the PsyTech VR using Meta Quest and our special training system: LMS, virtual reality and progress dashboard
People avoid life circumstances where it is possible to face insects and are not able to explain why the insect causes such intense fear
Nyctophobia is an extreme fear of the dark and it is usually facilitated by a person's nervous activity: excessive emotional sensitivity increased susceptibility, etc.
Mysophobia is an obsessive state of painful fear of dirt and uncleanliness, manifested by constant washing hands. Overcome mysophobia with VR THERAPY using PsyTech VR: SUPER-REALISTIC 3D and LEARNING PATHS prepared by mental health specialists.
Trypanophobia is a term used to describe the fear of injections or receiving medical procedures that involve needles. It causes intense fear, anxiety, and distress in individuals who experience it, often leading them to avoid necessary medical treatments.
Due to Professional and Emotional BURNOUT and the COVID-19 pandemic, many people and employees have begun to experience significant stress and anxiety. Try VR/AR Stress Management – Travel Therapy for Mental Wellness with PsyTech VR
Practice Guided Mindfulness Meditations that effectively and comprehensively affects the improvement of cognitive functions and the state of mental health of people
Use VR Art Therapy as part of our relaxation practices and improve your life now – overcome anxieties and feelings, reveal your inner potential

Relaxation practices in VR

Mindfulness, art therapy, and other practices in VR to help improve mental and physical health

This VR content allows people, even while at the workplace, to be distracted from their hectic life - to travel around the world and relax (360 4K videos)

Mindfulness effectively and comprehensively affects the improvement of cognitive functions and the state of mental health of people

Special technique for drawing allows you to remove internal restrictions, get rid of anxiety, stress, conflicts and tension

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